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A Safe Future for All

KITX: Fresh Mind Fresh Start

Embracing the Moment

The scene is set: waiters flit between guests, champagne in hand, cameras flashing, capturing a moment in time…

Just two years after being abruptly dismissed from her eponymous label, Kit Willow has
re-emerged and is making waves with her…

It is nearing the end of December as I begin to write this issue of the CEO Story …

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The Story of Two Seeds


John Luc Aka

‚ÄúSpring hung in the air. The soil is fresh, fertile. In it lay two seeds, side by side. …

For Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper), life outside the kitchen is much like life in it: a continuous, …

25 Year old Vietnamese-Chinese Australian John Luc, aka YouTube star MyChonny, has finally graduated from our laptops to the big screen…

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Light Focus

Understand HEV

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As we delve into the realm of fashion photography, we take an unexpected turn from colour and enter down the avenue of monochrome…

Blue light, also known as high-visible light (HEV), is a high frequency light that falls into the near-UV range. It is in the visible part

Though far from a recent development, the issue of climate change has once again reared its head. The more pressing the issue seems, the…

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